How To Install CloudLinux OS on CentOS with cPanel?

CloudLinux OS is simple to install. Here, you will learn how to convert a cPanel-based server from CentOS to CloudLinux OS. For illustration purposes, we will use the most common CentOS 6 with cPanel.

To install, open an SSH connection to your server using your preferred SSH console application.

# wget

# sh cldeploy -k # if you have activation key


#sh cldeploy -i # if you have IP based license

# reboot

CloudLinux OS install script is smart – it detects the environment, type of virtualization, control panel, specific hardware which might require additional drivers installation and more.

To make sure that the server is running the correct kernel, we can access the server via SSH again and execute the “uname -a” command.

CloudLinux kernel contains “lve” in its name – when you see it, you’ll know that the server is running using the correct kernel.