Dedicated Server Hosting

Gain control over every aspect of your hosting solution with custom dedicated servers.

Need full access of the server? We provide you unmanaged dedicated server, now you can customize your server according to your need.

We are Trusted Leaders In Dedicated Servers

Reliable, Low Latency

We utilize multiple Tier 1 fiber carriers to ensure the utmost reliability and the lowest latency.

Feature-rich Tools

Our management portal is designed with a simple interface to our powerful feature-rich tools.


We have multiple security and fail-over mechanisms in place to ensure high-availability.

Intel Xeon X34404 x 2.50GHz8GB DDR32TB SATA330TB at 1Gbps$50/moOrder Now
Dual Quad 2XL54208 x 2.50GHz16GB DDR32 TB HDD30TB at 1Gbps$70/moOrder Now
Dual Xeon E5-266016 cores @ 2.20 GHz32GB DDR31 TB HDD30TB at 1Gbps$109/moOrder Now
Dual E5-2630L v212C @ 2.40 GHz64GB DDR31.6TB SSD10TB at 10Gbps$129/moOrder Now
Dual E5-2630L v212C @ 2.40 GHz128GB DDR34x960GB SSD10TB at 10Gbps$184/moOrder Now
Dual E5-2630L v316C @ 1.80 GHz256GB DDR42x2TB SSD10TB at 10Gbps$199/moOrder Now
Dual E5-2683 v432C @ 2.10 GHz128GB DDR42x960GB SSD10TB at 10Gbps$289/moOrder Now
Dual E5-2695 v224C @ 2.40 GHz256GB DDR34x1.92TB SSD10TB at 10Gbps$344/moOrder Now
Dual E5-2683 v432C @ 2.10 GHz512GB DDR44x1.92TB SSD10TB at 10Gbps$499/moOrder Now

Secure. Superior. Speed.

We Offer A Redundant, Low Latency Network, Passionate Support, High Quality Infrastructure.

1Gpbs Uplink

Our network is powered by multiple Tier 1 upstream carriers.

Fast Deployment

Deploy your Server.You can get your server up and running within 8 hours.

24/7 Technical Support

Don't lose sleep over glitches. We're here for you 24/7/365. Fast and Premium support.

Buy North Carolina Dedicated Servers Today

Hostakers provide enterprise quality servers, network and data center. We have Dell & HP servers with 8-32 cores of Intel and AMD processor. As considering market needs, we do offer customisable solutions. All our servers has 8-128 GB DDR3 and DDR4 ECC RAM and multi-gigabit network backbone.

  • Satisfactory guarantee

    Our 100% satisfaction guarantee leaves no doubt that we are the right web hosting company for you.

  • Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

    All dedicated servers available with Linux or Windows operating systems.

  • Looking for customizable server?

    We do offer customizable servers. Talk with our sales team and get your custom server up and running.

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